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Vegan Green Latte Soufflé Pancakes

Vegan Green Latte Soufflé Pancakes


1 cup vanilla soy milk 

1 tbsp apple cider vinegar 

1 tsp vanilla extract 

2 tsp Kola Goodies Super Green Latte Mix 

3 tbsp brown sugar 

1 tbsp baking powder 

1 cup flour 

Circular cookie cutter 



  1. Place milk and apple cider vinegar in a separate bowl and allow it to curdle; this will act as the “buttermilk,” then add vanilla extract to these wet ingredients 
  2. Mix your dry ingredients together in a separate bowl
  3. Add dry ingredients to wet, and fold until JUST incorporated- do not over mix ( a few lumps are ok!) 
  4. Heat a pan on medium heat, grease both the pan and the cookie cutter with oil or plant butter 
  1. Set the cookie cutter on the pan as the pan heats up, so that it heats up as well 
  2. Make sure both pan and cookie cutter are super hot, so that the pancake will slip out easily 
  1. Ladle batter into cookie cutter, and let it cook inside 
  2. When bottom seems to be done, carefully remove cookie cutter with oven mitts, then flip the pancake- allow other side to cook 
  3. Top pancakes with toppings of choice 
  1. I topped mine with vanilla soy yogurt, white chocolate chunks, and white chocolate dipped strawberries, with some Super Green Latter added to the chocolate before dipping!
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