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We make healthy, yummy beverage blends inspired by & sourced from our roots.

Kola [koh-luh]
Origin: Sinhalese (Sri Lanka)
1. Greens or leaves
2. The color green
Hi, I'm Sajani and this is my Amma (mom), Sujatha! I was born and raised in Sri Lanka and came to America at age 19 for college, far away from home. Kola Goodies is an immigrant, woman-of-color led company with big dreams.

I was working long hours in tech and pretty stressed. I was looking for natural ways to nourish myself and be balanced, the way my Amma did for me when I was growing up in Sri Lanka. I craved this green, healthy, delicious Sri Lankan breakfast drink called Kola Kanda that my Amma would make for us everyday, but sitting on the West coast, far from where I grew up, I didn't have the time or the ingredients for it.

The quest to solve today's wellness needs naturally, and the opportunity to increase cultural representation in this industry, evolved into our super yummy, ethically-sourced goodies you see today.
Goodies that benefit you and the communities they originate from
We partner with farmers to source our ingredients directly, a game-changer in the wellness industry. Directly sourcing from our roots enables us to:

💚 Get super high quality, fresh AF ingredients - not ingredients sitting in middleman warehouses for months

💚 Pay our farmers more, by eliminating intermediaries from our supply chain

💚 Give back to the communities and cultures these ingredients come from, increase equity, and increase representation

Supergood Superfoods

Kandy, Sri Lanka (elevation: 1600ft)

Turmeric (curcuma longa)

An everyday staple in South Asian kitchens, this spice and its main compound curcumin's benefits have been in South Asian culture for thousands of years. This golden rhizome is grown in Kandy, Sri Lanka, where we source from directly from a small farmer collective. The roots are washed, steamed, cut and then dried at low temperatures to maintain the nutritional benefits.

💚 Helps with bloating and menstrual cramps

💚 Curcumin is a natural anti-inflammatory compound

💚 Rich in anti-oxidants

💚 Immunity-boosting
Matale, Sri Lanka (elevation: 1200ft)

Moringa (moringa oleifera)

Our Moringa (or murunga) grows in Matale, Sri Lanka, from a collective of 40 farming families. Our farming partners carefully pluck the leaves and separate them from the fragile stems. Then they wash, cut, dry and powder them ultra-fine, almost like matcha. Moringa is a protein-rich powerhouse green at the core of our Super Green Latte.

💚 Aids detoxing and digestion

💚 Super nourishing: 48x more Vitamin B2, 6x more iron, 2x more protein and fiber than kale!

💚 Rich in calcium, essential minerals, vitamins B, C, D, E, and anti-oxidants

💚 Powerful anti-inflammatory benefits, rivaling Turmeric (pair with our Turmeric Latte!)
Matale, Sri Lanka (elevation: 1200ft)

Gotukola (centella asciatica)

This Ayurvedic super herb is grown in Matale, Sri Lanka, by 10 farming families. Gotukola, also known as Cica or Centella, is a nervine and adaptogenic herb. It's been dubbed "the most spiritual herb" because of its ability to help with meditation and yoga.

💚 Helps maintain healthy neurotransmitter function for mental clarity, alertness and enhanced memory

💚 Boosts blood circulation

💚 Stimulates your body's natural collagen production
Sri Lanka - Ella (elevation: 3000ft), Deniyaya (elevation: 1200 ft)

Ceylon Black Tea (camellia sinensis)

World-famous Ceylon Tea is so special and close to our hearts. Ceylon Tea is the signature black tea grown in Sri Lanka. Ceylon was the colonized name for Sri Lanka, and Ceylon Tea's namesake. Tea is just like wine; the terroir, climate, growing and processing techniques all impact the taste and quality of the tea.

We source the Ceylon Tea for our Sri Lankan Milk Tea, from two geographical areas. Our higher-elevation tea comes from Ella, a lush are beloved by hikers and nature enthusiasts alike. Our low-elevation tea is from Deniyaya, which is in a warmer climate near UNESCO world heritage forest, Sinharaja.

The tea leaves in your cup were grown and plucked by smallholder farmers - some owning just a few tea bushes in their backyards. The leaves are then directly transported to a local tea factory, rolled and torn into loose leaf tea. From there, we blend it into our Sri Lankan Milk Tea. No auctions, distributors or mass exporters here; our tea goes from farm to factory to your cup. Our isn't just direct, its traceable - we tell you exactly which farmers grew the tea in your box of Sri Lankan Milk Tea.

💚 Delicious, nuanced flavor and aroma

💚 Low caffeine for long-lasting energy with no jitters, no crash

💚 Rich in anti-oxidant polyphenols

💚 Natural source of L-theanine for calm and focus

Turmeric Latte

Take a look at the origins of the turmeric in our Turmeric Latte! We traveled around Sri Lanka to find the perfect turmeric by taste, color. and curcumin content