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Sri Lankan Milk Tea

Delicious, mood-lifting treat


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A rich, creamy and flavorful way to start your day. Our Milk Tea is the perfect blend of loose leaf Ceylon tea, creamy milk, and natural, caramel-y sweetness. Its winning combo of low caffeine and natural L-theanine gives you long-lasting, jitter-free energy. Just add hot water, steep, and sip to get in the zone - in the most delicious way.

Tastes like: Bold tea flavor, delicately sweet, and unbelievably creamy. Perfect if you're looking for a less-sweet, all-natural, unspiced chai or Asian milk tea.


Whole milk powder, monkfruit sweetener, raw coconut sugar, loose leaf Ceylon black tea

Loose Leaf Ceylon Tea

Robust, awakening & flavorful

Whole Milk Powder

Midwest US, no rBST, non-GMO

Monkfruit Sweetener

Naturally sweet

Raw Coconut Sugar

Unrefined. caramel-y goodness

Three easy steps

  1. Add 1 sachet to 1 cup (8oz) boiling water
  2. Stir and let sit for 3-5 minutes
  3. Strain into a mug (or pour over ice) and enjoy!

Long-lasting energy

80% less sugar

L-theanine for calm

No preservatives

Farm to cup

We go back to our roots to source directly and ethically, to bring you the freshest and most effective products.

  • We source our Ceylon Tea leaves from smallholder Farmers in Ella (elevation 3000ft) and Deniyaya (elevation 1200ft), in Sri Lanka. The tea comes from family-owned land, not from huge plantations and it's traceable - we can tell you exactly which farmers hand-picked the tea you buy
  • Our high-grown tea from Ella is delicate, as it's grown at a higher elevation, in a lush and water-rich area beloved by hikers and nature enthusiasts.
  • Our low-grown tea from Deniyaya is bolder, as it's grown at a lower elevation. The area has a warmer climate and is near the Sinharaja Forest Reserve, a UNESCO World Heritage rainforest.

Grown in South Asia, made in USA - just like us.

Yummy tea latte

Hot water, steep, strain, sip

Iced tea latte

Hot water, steep, strain over ice