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Super Green & Peach Fizz

Super Green & Peach Fizz

This one is a sweet, savory, sparkling herbal mocktail dream come true.

Our Super Green Latte is our signature product based on a traditional drink we grew up with. Giving it a fizzy twist with Topo Chico was so fun and takes your taste buds down an unexpectedly delicious journey.

Super Green & Peach Fizz

🍡 1 Tsp Super Green Latte 

🌟 Topo Chico

πŸ‘ 1 Peach (or 2oz peach juice of choice)



🍡 Blend the peach with the Super Green Latte in 1. Oz water (2tbsp)

🍡 Top it off with Topo Chico

🍡 Let the herbal fizz take you a tropical land far away!


Also see this recipe + more on Topo Chico.

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