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Golden Tropicante

Golden Tropicante

Part immunity tonic, part margarita, fully golden.

Our Golden Glow (Turmeric latte) mixed in with some tamarind, jalapeno and topped up with the refreshing fizz of Topo Chico is the ultimate spicy, fizzy, golden drink for any occasion. We highly recommend the chili-salt rim, because we just like being extra.


Golden Topicante

🌞 1 tsp Golden Glow

🌟 1 Topo Chico

🌢️ 2 slices of Jalapeno

🌴 ½ tsp Tamarind puree

🌢️ Optional: Chili-Salt to rim the glass


How to ‍

🍹 Blend the Golden Glow with the tamarind puree and 2 tbsp of water

🍹 Muddle in 2 slices of jalapeno

🍹 Top it off with Topo Chico

🍹 Sip this spicy tropical bliss


This recipe and more on Topo Chico's blog


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