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Kola Goodies Oat Mylk Tea Latte by the pool

4 Easy Summer Iced Drink Recipes with Kola Goodies Lattes

You don't have to stop drinking tea, just because it's hot in the summer! Here are four easy and delicious cold bevy recipes you can make at home to stay cool. Three of these recipes are from our amazing Kola Goodies community, putting a unique spin on our lattes! 

1. Turmeric Latte Ice Cubes 

Courtesty of: Kola Goodies Team

Turmeric Latte ice cube

Freeze our KG Turmeric Latte and add your favorite plant mylk for a calming & refreshing afternoon drink!


  • Make Kola Goodies Turmeric Latte as directed
  • Pour into ice cube molds and let freeze
  • Add to any delicious iced latte bevy and enjoy
  • Bonus idea: crush up ice cubes for refreshing a turmeric slushie!

2. Blueberry Sri Lankan Chai

Courtesy of: Bonjour Home Cafe (@bonjourhomecafe)

Blueberry milk tea

Mash frozen blueberries (or use a store-bought syrup) and add Kola Goodies Sri Lankan Milk Tea over ice for a unique fruit-themed chai.


  • Make Kola Goodies Sri Lankan Milk Tea as directed and let it cool
  • Make blueberry syrup with fresh or frozen blueberries (recipe here) or use store-bought blueberry syrup
  • Add syrup & ice, mix, and enjoy

3. Easy Boba Milk Tea

Courtesy of: Honey Home Cafe (@honey_homecafe)

Boba milk tea

Simply add your favorite instant boba pearls to our Sri Lankan Milk Tea. Make milk tea at home for only $2.50!


  • Make tapioca pearls as directed and add to glass
  • Make Kola Goodies Sri Lankan Milk Tea as directed and let it cool
  • Add Milk Tea & ice to glass and enjoy

4. Aesthetic Oat Mylk Latte 

Courtesy of: Bonjour Home Cafe (@bonjourhomecafe)

Oat Mylk Latte with pastel ice cubes

Want to feel Pinterest vibes? Add food coloring to ice cubes, and top with our Oat Mylk Tea Latte.


  • Mix small amounts of water with food coloring for desired color palette and pour into ice molds. Let it freeze
  • Make Sri Lankan Oat Mylk Tea Latte as directed and let it cool
  • Combine colorful ice and Mylk Tea, and enjoy

Huge thank you to Bonjour Home Cafe and Honey Home Cafe for creating these dreamy beverages with our latte mixes! Let us know if you make any of these refreshing creations and tag us on Instagram @kolagoodies

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