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Sri Lanka Crisis Relief

Hi Fam,

Sri Lanka, the home country where most of all our goodies were inspired by and where we source from, is really hurting right now going through a severe economic crisis. The long term solution can only be fiscal policy changes, but in the short term, we can help in small ways that have a huge impact for the communities that needs it the most. 

If you need more info, we've done some recaps here and here, also read this NY Times article here

Sri Lanka Crisis - IG Reel

Resources and Donation Updates: Updated 4/4/22

Update 4/4/22:  We still couldn't find any big non profits that mobilized their resources or forces to help the people in need in Sri Lanka. So we have personally got in touch with credible community organizations and now added one registered charity as well, all who have been doing this important work for years, please also do your own research and get in touch directly.

  • Foundation of Goodness - a registered non profit in Sri Lanka and USA (yes you can donate from the US directly to them!)- we are partnering with FOG to donate grocery packs to low income families in rural villages - each pack lasts about 3 weeks.
    • As of 4/4/2022 we have donated $3750 to fund 250 grocery packs = which means 250 families will not go hungry! 
    • This is equal to 42,000 meals!
  • Ghedora Connects - Empowers low-income Supermoms. 
    • We have committed to fund 1250 meals throughout April, with 250 meals already distributed). This is their max capacity.
  • Reachout SL - Helping Colombo's homeless 
    • We have committed to fund 675 meals throughout April and first week of May, with the first 75 meals going this week (4/4) 
  • Tamarind Gardens Farm : an eco friendly community focused farm that is giving back in Digana, Kandy area at this time

Our initiatives: 

  • 100% of sales from our muse sticker; 1 sticker = 3-4 meals! (Buy here)
      • First week of sales = $4200,  840 stickers (March 28-April 4th)
    • 10% of all revenue to be donated for meal distribution partnering with Ghedora Connects + Tamarind Gardens Farm
    • We will continue our equitable sourcing practices, often paying 20-25% more than market prices to be able to systematically and sustainably give our farmer partners and communities a better living standard.