So we grew up with this green breakfast drink...

Kola [koh-luh]
Origin: Sinhalese (Sri Lanka)
1. greens or leaves
2. the color green
Back to our roots
Kola started from a desire to add greens and nutrition to my diet without always eating salads. I was missing this breakfast drink that my Amma (mom) lovingly and laboriously made back in Sri Lanka, called Kola Kanda (herbal porridge). I know, totally not as sexy as today's green juice, but packed full of nutrition.

Nostalgia took me on a journey of rediscovering the greens, herbs and other goodies I grew up with. I realized these foods I took for granted as a child (and sometimes ate with a grudge) were nutrient-dense superfoods.

Kola brings you superfoods loved for millennia in the East to mix into our modern lifestyles. We sexied up that green porridge into a super powder: our signature Super Green Latte.

Enjoy our lineup of goodies - it's never been easier to add nutrition from around the world to your everyday.

- Sajani
Founder of Kola Goodies
San Francisco
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