GO-TU Power Fizz

Mental clarity with a side of refreshing fizz please!

You know when you need that mental clarity with a side of refreshing fizz? This is your go-tu drink when you need it (all pun intended)

Our GO-TU Power Move (gotukola, centella asciatica) is an ingredient we have used in South Asia to get mental clarity and help with inner peace. When you mix this goodness with blackberries and the beautiful, refreshing lime flavor from Topo Chico, it becomes the ultimate go-tu between those back to back meetings.

GO-TU Power Fizz 

☘️ 1-2 tsp GO-TU Power Move 

🍒 3-4 blackberries

🍯 1 tsp agave/honey to taste

💧 Splash of water (~3 Tbsp, just enough to cover the berries)

🍋 1 Lime flavored Topo Chico


☘️ Blend the GO-TU Power Move in water with the blackberries and honey

☘️ Top off with Lime flavored Topo Chico and refresh with clarity

This recipe and more on Topo Chico's blog!

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