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About the Goodie

This bundle is a special powerful duo of our ASHWA-WOW (organic Ashwagandha root powder) and our GO-TU POWER MOVE (organic gotukola powder) at a special holiday price to power you through the holidays all the way to the new year! Vegan, organic and plant based, what else do you need?

Can you boost your collagen AND manage your stress at the same time? The answer is YES with this bundle. Let the power of ashwagandha and Gotukola (centella asiatica/cica) adaptogens enhance your inner and outer beauty. 

This bundle is perfect for your or your friends who are high powered, yogis and meditators as ashwagandha will help manage stress and GO-TU Power Move will enhance mental clarity and help protect collagen. 

What’s in the bundle?

30-DAY SUPPLY OF ASHWA-WOW (3.5 oz/100g) - Our 100% organic ashwagandha root powder is your stress-fighting warrior. Revered as royalty of all adaptogens, it's an Ayurvedic herb used for thousands of years. It helps our bodies resist, adapt to, and protect from mental, physical and emotional stresses. Tastes like: light nutty and earthy. Light taupe in color and sourced from India. 

30-DAY SUPPLY OF GO-TU POWER MOVE (3.5 oz/100g):  Our 100% organic gotu kola (aka. cica or centella asiatica), an Ayurvedic super herb and nervine that helps maintain healthy neurotransmitter function for mental clarity, alertness and enhanced memory. It boosts blood circulation and stimulates collagen production to heal skin and keep it healthy. Tastes like: a little sweet and earthy with a healthy, green kick. GO-TU Our premium, organic gotu kola is sourced from a farmers collective in Sri Lanka, and is a rich, olive green in color. It's the freshest you'll find anywhere.

Ashwa-WOW Ingredients

Organic ashwagandha root powder

GO-TU Power Move Ingredients

Organic gotu kola powder (centella asiatica)

...and nothing else!
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How to use

Enjoy these super powders mixed with milk, smoothies, water daily and start making power moves

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