The Gift guide

Rituals and goodies to make us feel merry from within have become everyday essentials. Give the gift of wellbeing to your loved ones this season. We've got gifts for:

the adventurerthe go-getterthe Beauty & brainsthe radiant soul
The Beauty & Brains Bundle
$38 (a value of $56)
This bundle is a special powerful duo of our Ashwa-WOW (organic ashwagandha) and our GO-TU Power Move (organic gotu kola)
The Mighty Mind & Body Bundle
$42 (a value of $58)
Enjoy Super Green Latte, our soul-warming,  nutrition-packed blend, and Ashwa-WOW, our organic ashwagandha adaptogen powder.
The Super Powers Bundle
$42 (a value of $58)
Want a bit of everything this holiday? Enjoy our variety pack of 10 sachets AND our nutrition-packed Super Green Latte in this bundle!
For the Adventurer:
Super Green Latte
An herbal blend for an incredible overall nutrition and energy boost. It's best for your friend who:
🍵 Is a curious adventurer and missing travel
🍵 Chooses savory options at brunch
🍵 Drinks hot water with lemon, or tea
🍵 Is always the first to try something new
🍵 Values self-care with the best things out there
For the Go-Getter:
Our 100% organic ashwagandha, an Ayurvedic adaptogen; a stress-busting warrior. It's best for your friend who:
🍵 Is always there for you
🍵 Works to better themselves and others
🍵 Is a fearless go-getter
🍵 Values rituals, both new and old
🍵 Always works to feel good from within
For the Beauty with Brains: GO-TU Power Move
Our 100% organic gotukola, a nervine for mental clarity. Plus, it protects your collagen. It's best for your friend who:
🍵 Is known for making power moves
🍵 Is an inside-and-out beauty with brains
🍵 Meditates, is a yogi, and is spiritual
🍵 Loves being vegan
🍵 Is wise beyond their age
For the radiant soul:
Golden Glow
A coconutty turmeric latte for skin and immunity. It's best for your friend who:
🍵 Dreams of the tropics 99% of the time
🍵 Has (annoyingly) perfect skin
🍵 Is often found drinking chardonnay
🍵 Knows all the spas and retreats in town
🍵 Is beautiful inside and out

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